Case Interview Partners


Advanced (>30 cases)

Graduate from Ivy League Law School. Located in Canada. Looking for an advanced level partner to go over cases. Preferably with successful interview experience with MBB (round 1).


Beginner (<10 cases)

Actually based in Paris, I'm looking for a case partner. I study at an engineering school in Paris. French or English are both welcome!
I'm relatively new to cases but let's improve ourselves together!


Beginner (<10 cases)

Undergraduate at UCLA. All case partners welcome. Pls feel free to contact me.


Medium (10-30 cases)

I am looking great improve my case skills over each case interview.

Would love to practice cases and also break down cases and sharpen each component.

Rob Neou

Beginner (<10 cases)


I am an undergraduate preparing for case interviews. Would be looking for any help and practice ASAP. Located in the US.



Beginner (<10 cases)

Hello all,

I am looking for partners for case practice on a regular basis. I have placements season coming up in 2 months.

Languages - English.

Skype or facetime would suffice !