Case Interview Partners


Beginner (<10 cases)

I am looking for a long-term partner to prepare this coming recruiting. I currently live in UK, and will move to Boston (USA) on Sep. we can practice on skype if we are not able to meet.


Advanced (>30 cases)

Graduated from one of the top local universities, have 4 years of full-time work experience in corporate finance


Medium (10-30 cases)

Looking for a buddy to prepare for top firms case interviews :
McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Oliver Wyman, Roland Berger.

I live in Montreal and I am available at 6pm during weekdays and all day during the weekend.



Beginner (<10 cases)

Hi guys,

I am looking to seriously practice solving cases everyday. I am located in Dubai and we can practice via skype.



Medium (10-30 cases)

I am currently looking for partners for case interview preparation.I am a serious applicant and i am currently pursuing my PGDM(aka M.B.A) From one of the premier Indian Institute of Management

Calling Number:8309235416(iNDIA)

Please feel free to call me message or drop me a note if interested

Bahar Heydari

Beginner (<10 cases)

Looking for a case interview partner to practice cases with to prepare for an interview in June with McKinsey.