Case Interview Partners


Beginner (<10 cases)

Hi, I'm looking for case partner to work out this week. If you are interested please email me.


Beginner (<10 cases)

Hi- Anyone interested in practicing cases please email me.


Beginner (<10 cases)

ready to practice asap.


Beginner (<10 cases)

Hello, I have an interview coming up and am looking to practice with someone. I live in the EST. Thanks!


Beginner (<10 cases)

Hi! I am a mechanical engineer looking to switch into the world of consulting and looking for people to practice case interviews with. I have a 1st round interview with BCG in 10 days. Happy to connect via Google Hangouts or Skype. Currently based in Boston so EST timezone.


Advanced (>30 cases)

Hi, my name is Tim. I am an acting management consultant in one of international companies (not Big-4) with 5+ years of experience.
Since I am supposed to be involved in recruiting process, I need to refresh the case interview format and ready to give you a couple of cases for free.
Telegram/Whatsapp/Viber would be a preferred option.
WA/TG/VB: +79646335967