Case Interview Partners


Beginner (<10 cases)

ADC with PhD from Georgia Tech. I've done about 10 cases. Located in Atlanta (EST/EDT).


Medium (10-30 cases)

Hi, I'm currently interviewing for a position at a Tier 1 London office. I've passed the 1st round and would like to practice for my final round interviews. Please do get in touch if you'd like to practice.


Medium (10-30 cases)

Looking for case practice partners. I have done about 35 cases. I am in Asia.


Medium (10-30 cases)

I am looking for new case partners. I've done about 20 cases, both on my own and with partners. Feel free to get in touch. I am in the Central European time zone.


Advanced (>30 cases)

I am an experienced hire currently applying to new consulting firms. I have done around 50 cases so far. Please let me know if you are interested in practicing cases. I would be available on Saturdays all day and other days after 8PM GMT time. Please contact me if you have done at least 40+ cases so far. Thanks.


Advanced (>30 cases)

I am looking for case partners to practice for upcoming MBB interviews. I have done close to 100 live cases with experienced partners and former consultants. I am based in the UK and open to Skype sessions with partners at all case-experience levels.