Case Interview Partners

Rodrigo Gallardo Garcia

Beginner (<10 cases)

Preparing for consulting interviews during 2018, I'm from Mexico but Im fine either in english or spanish.

Haleigh Miller

Medium (10-30 cases)

Hi! I'm preparing for consulting interviews in January and am looking for a partner to focus on structure with. Based in DC, so EST timezone. Happy to talk via Skype.


Medium (10-30 cases)

Hey! I'm practicing for management consulting interviews - based in Dubai so GST timezone 🙂


Beginner (<10 cases)

Looking to practice cases in life sciences/pharma industry only.


Beginner (<10 cases)

Post MBA surgeon, looking to partner with regular candidates to practice case interviews.

I'm anticipating interviews over the autumn/winter period. Target firms: the Big 3.

Based in London. My schedule is flexible and will happily do up to 4 interviews per day.

Ping me to schedule.


Medium (10-30 cases)

Hi, I am preparing for top consulting firm interviews and would love to pair up through this platform to practice.
Based in Central European timezone and can do over skype.