Case Interview Partners


Medium (10-30 cases)

I am currently a Wharton undergrad, looking to practice case interviews with a partner by Skype for the rest of the summer. I am interviewing this fall (September/October) so looking for lots of practice before then! I am currently on PST.


Medium (10-30 cases)

I am a Phd, currently a postdoc. I am interviewing McKinsey this Fall. So looking for more practices. Looking to practice on Skype or by phone.


Medium (10-30 cases)

Columbia U phd student hoping to interview in the fall. Looking to practice on Skype or by phone.
Thanks !

Fernando Arango

Beginner (<10 cases)

I am interviewing with McKinsey as an experienced hire for their Purchasing and Supply Chain Practice. Given that I am new.. I just need a lot of practice in the Mckinsey style (interviewer led) cases.



Beginner (<10 cases)

ADC with PhD from Georgia Tech. I've done about 10 cases. Located in Atlanta (EST/EDT).


Medium (10-30 cases)

Hi, I'm currently interviewing for a position at a Tier 1 London office. I've passed the 1st round and would like to practice for my final round interviews. Please do get in touch if you'd like to practice.