Save on MasterTheCase subscription and earn money with our special referral-incentive program

We have introduced a special friend-referral incentive to encourage our subscribers to share MasterTheCase with others. For every friend you refer to subscribe to MasterTheCase, both you and your friend will get 10% off your respective subscription fees, worth up to $30.

There is no limit on how many referrals you can make. That means that you can not only recover your entire MasterTheCase subscription cost, but also earn an unlimited amount of money through active referrals. The math is simple: refer one friend ― earn up to $30; refer ten friends ― earn up to $300.

The incentive mechanics are straightforward:

1. Provide your friend with your original subscription email address when you refer him to MasterTheCase;

2. Instruct your friend to enter your email address in the referral-code entry field on the subscription page;

Case interview referral code entry field

After applying the code, your friend will get an immediate 10% discount off the regular subscription fee. You will receive your referral bonus shortly after, following referral verification.

If you have any questions about this incentive program, Contact Us.